About Keren Mor Yossef

Keren Mor Yossef is not a typical bridal dress designer. Keren began creating her own designs as a young girl, and later, she designed her own wedding dress according to her vision of the perfect gown. Her beautiful and exciting designs so amazed her girlfriends that they asked her to design their wedding dresses as well.

Praise and admiration of her designs were soon to follow, and Keren set up a studio in her home that continued to gain momentum until she opened her own exclusive bridal studio. Today, Keren Mor Yossef has fulfilled her dream and does what she loves to do most – design bridal gowns.

Our Vision

The key behind every amazing bridal gown is a combination of the bride’s dreams, her unique personality, and the magic touch of the gown’s designer. The vision of Keren Mor Yossef Studio is the belief that Keren’s original designs can help every bride fulfill her dreams and achieve what she wants on her very special day. The studio creates the perfect dress whose memory the bride and groom will cherish forever. Each creation is unique, just as every woman is. Each dress accents the bride’s femininity, beauty, and special glow. The bridal dress is fitted to each bride’s figure and personality, and Keren ensures that the dress will be comfortable to wear. The designs combine precious and high-quality elements, Haute Couture sewing, jewelry, decorations, and the perfect length and cleavage.

The studio is prepared to ship the bridal dresses to anywhere in world.

Our studio

Keren Mor Yossef has always been loyal to her hometown, so she opened her new and luxurious studio on the sunny Mediterranean shores of Ashkelon in southern Israel. The studio’s interior design and construction create the perfect experience for the happy couple. Keren’s exclusive studio is impressive, and was designed with the prospective bride on her special day in mind.

Beautiful and well-designed dressing rooms and preparation areas are available where you can try on dresses from the collection in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The studio’s staff is at your service and will take care of every need. The expert seamstresses will work in close cooperation with Keren to create the dress about which you have always dreamed. Keren and her staff will be happy to meet you and create the bridal dress of your dreams, and to make that dream come true.