Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes imaginable.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while looking for a dress, is for you to

feel good in it.

We will start by identifying your body shape. This way we can make wonders and

emphasize the best parts of your body and improve those who need a little help.


In order for us to get started, we will distinguish the existing body shapes and learn

what cut can guarantee an amazing look for you on your big day:

Neat: your body looks quite straight from top to bottom without emphasizing a narrow


Apple: Women who have a round body shape, are usually proportional, but tend to carry

most of their weight in the middle part of their body, they usually have amazing legs.

Inverted triangle: this body shape is characterized mainly with wide shoulders or big

breast which creates a reduce proportions in the thigh and waist area.

Neat hourglass: A body shape that looks like an hourglass, large breasts and hips and

thin waistline.

Pear: this body shape is quite common, most of the weight is around the waistline. You

may see that some have a beautiful clavicle cleavage and a flat stomach.

After identifying your body shape, let’s take a look at how this will affect your dress



The following rules that apply for your body shape:

Women with a rectangle body shape: this is a boyish body shape and therefore it is

recommended to emphasize the breast area with a puffy skirt in order to create a

beautiful waistline. You may also emphasize the waistline using an interesting belt.

Women with an apple body shape: it is recommended to go for the A cut, tighter in the

breast and in the upper waist area so that the fabric will fall naturally over the other part

of your waist. Emphasizing the waist area by using a high waist cut, will keep the

attention away from the waistline. You may also want to use a strapless or a V shaped

cleavage that will flatter your body.

Women with an inverted triangle body shape: it is recommended to use skirts that are

wider from the waistline down in order to add volume to the hip area and narrow the

waistline. This will balance out the shape of your body and create a correct visual body


In order to emphasize your waistline, you may also use an interesting belt or elements

the dissent towards the waist in order to draw the attention downwards and create a

balanced body shape.

Women with a neat hourglass body shape: fortunately, most cuts can fit your body but

mermaid style will emphasize best the curved shape of your body.

Women with the pear body shape: it is recommended to balance the buttock area by

using light puffiness in the shoulder area. This can be created by wearing an interesting

sleeve or a top with mini 3-D tissues that give volume to the chest area.


Additional characteristics you may want to consider:

  1. Tall and thin – it is recommended to wear a classic and simple wrap dress. It will

emphasize your waist and your hourglass shape by giving the breast and waist

volume and emphasizing the narrow waistline.

  1. Short women – the ideal would be to emphasize the high waistline. Therefore, it is

recommended to go for a high waist cut that makes your legs look longer.

  1. Hourglass body shape – you must use its shape and wear a mermaid cut dress

that would be very flattering to you.

  1. Big breast– The idea would be to show your cleavage without revealing too

much. Therefore, you must diminish the natural effect of attaching towards a V

shape cleavage. In case you want to show your shoulders, make sure your

breasts are well supported.